come alive outside with a powerful & lasting visual impact

What started out as a Freelance Hustle at 2017, quickly transformed into a full-time business in 2019, buzzing with colour, motivation, inspiration and excitement. We are a Branding and Digital Marketing Studio who are insanely passionate about building recognisable brands that not only look stunning, but built to last.

Our design and marketing solutions are always tailored to your precise creative needs, taking into account what you have in mind and making sure that your brand image is reflected in everything.


meet the founders

We’re a husband-and-wife team with five years of training and experience in the brand development and design space. Our hearts light up when we see a business transform from an idea into a living, breathing brand.

kannan chittiboina, lead of operations 

I work behind the scenes to make sure operations, research, finances, and legal processes run smoothly at Growpix Studio, and also help with client strategy during design projects. My professional background is in business development and project management. In addition to logistics, I love to collaborates with Bhargavi on key design decisions and research.

bhargavi chittiboina, creative director

I work directly with project coordinator to manage, create, discuss, and refine every design in your project. I have an eye for design since childhood and professional background in digital & print design, project development, and communications, and an educational background in computer science.



strategic approach

We incorporate a variety of disciplines during each phase. The result is strategic solutions that connect with your audience and drive action. As Iterative Creative

unique solutions

Every business is different, we don’t believe in a standard approach to digital design and development.
We work with you to bring out the best outcome that fits your business with great care and attention

long term assistance

We will always be there for you to assist with your Branding and marketing process even after you have launched your new brand.

are you ready to shake things up?